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    Zorbent® Special Combo Offer

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    Zorbent® offers fast superior performance in absorbing all liquid spills quickly and completely. All-natural silicone dioxide, as safe as beach sand, combined with our proprietary formula, encases any liquid, completely surrounding it so it can’t get away. In just three easy steps; pour, mix, and sweep, Zorbent® leaves sticky messes clean and dry with no residue or odors left behind. The formula is 100% environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-irritating, and so lightweight it makes cleaning even the biggest spills a breeze! Zorbent can clean up anything from household cleaning supplies to pet messes to oil in the garage. Zorbent is the easiest way to clean up literally ANY liquid mess without harming floor surfaces.

    • 5 qt shaker jug + 10 qt refill bag
    • 15 qt of Zorbent absorbs 3 gallons of liquid
    • Reusable until fully saturated
    • Fast and easy to use
    • Absorbs 16x more than clay absorbents!
    • Reduces/eliminates odors
    • Encapsulates hazardous liquids
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
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    Zorbent® Special Combo Offer

    $44.99 USD