America's Most Trusted Absorbent

Zorbent® was originally developed to help clean up the Rocky Flats Nuclear plant in Colorado, helping to remove 1.3 million cubic meters of waste. The formulation had to be 100% environmentally safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and non-irritating, and that same formulation safely cleans up both household and commercial spills today.
Zorbent® is your trusted partner in environmentally responsible cleanup solutions. Developed by Dr. Richard J. “Doc” Kraemer, Ph.D., Zorbent® was originally created to help aid in the remediation of the Rocky Flats site. The results were outstanding! Zorbent®, an all-natural product, was found to retain 99.9% of seven volatile compounds (VOCs) tested and 99.8% of the remaining liquids in a simulated, 20-year decomposition landfill process. The rest is history. Today, Zorbent® continues this legacy by offering premium all-natural products designed for use in homes, workplaces, motorsports, aviation, and agriculture. Zorbent® is dedicated to offering environmentally responsible products for use and delivers unmatched performance and ease of use. Experience the fastest, easiest, and greenest way to safely clean up all liquid spills with Zorbent®.

Today, Zorbent® is used in:

Healthcare facilities

Manufacturing and commercial businesses

Auto service and repair garages

Airports and bus Stations


Maintenance depots

Paint stores

Contractor sites

Fast. Easy. Reusable. | Absorbs All Liquids | Significantly Reduces Odors | Leaves Surface Dry Without Residue