Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zorbent® fast to use?

Zorbent® has been found the fastest acting general absorbent.  This is due to the larger surface area available to the liquid for absorption. 

Can I reuse Zorbent®?

You can reuse Zorbent® on multiple spills until it is fully saturated.

How much will a 5 qt. Jug of Zorbent® absorb?

Up to 1 gallon of liquid, depending on the viscosity.

How much will 1 cu. ft. of Zorbent® absorb?

Up to 6 gallons of liquid, depending on the viscosity. (Replaces 90 lbs of clay!)

Will Zorbent® absorb All Liquids?

Zorbent® can be used on all spills and will absorb all liquids except hydrofluoric acid.

Is Zorbent® safe for use in enclosed environments?

Zorbent® is EPA certified, and is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-irritating, and does not contain any ingredients known to cause health or respiratory issues when used properly. The use of masks is always recommended for prolonged use of Zorbent® or any other absorbent.

Is Zorbent® dusty to use like traditional clay and cellulose absorbents?

No, Zorbent® is specially formulated with a proprietary dust-free technology that leaves the surface clean and dry. This dust suppressant also makes Zorbent the lightest of all absorbents. 

What is the environmental impact of using Zorbent®?

Zorbent®’s impact has two very positive effects: 1) It encapsulates potentially dangerous substances so that they do not leach into the environment (ground and water supply), and 2) It has the smallest landfill footprint of all absorbent materials due to the re-purposing of its principal ingredient, which otherwise return to landfills unused. It has very low disposal costs due to its ultra-lightweight and ultra-absorbency.

Can I use Zorbent® on all surfaces?

Yes, Zorbent® can be used on nearly all surfaces – smooth, porous, rough and uneven surfaces of all types – concrete, wood, tile, linoleum, plastic, steel, aluminum, etc … and even on short, industrial carpets.

What is the shelf life of Zorbent®?

When sealed and free from moisture, Zorbent® has a shelf life of up to 24 months when properly stored. Should Zorbent® remain exposed for an extended period of time, its absorbency will degrade as it absorbs moisture from the environment.

Will Zorbent® expand and contract in the summer and winter?

Yes, Zorbent® will expand and contract slightly depending on the temperature and relative humidity. However, this expansion/contraction will only slightly affect its absorbency.

In what temperatures can I apply Zorbent®?

Zorbent® has been tested to work in a variety of conditions but is best used between 32 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the recommended storage procedure for Zorbent®?

Zorbent® is best stored and preserved for use in airtight containers.

Can I dilute Zorbent®?

Zorbent® is ready to use and should be used right out of the packaging. Do not dilute it.

How do I dispose of Zorbent®?

It is always best to check your local regulations to determine proper disposal of your spills encapsulated by Zorbent®. You may also consult with your local commercial trash removal service to confirm proper disposal for your absorbed spills, subject to all applicable regulations.

Has Zorbent® been tested by any independent laboratories?

Yes, Zorbent® has been rigorously tested by EPA approved independent laboratories, using the EPA’s TCLP test for leachability. The results were outstanding! Zorbent®, an all natural, inorganic product, was found to retain 99.9% of seven compounds tested and 99.8% of the remaining liquids in a simulated, 20-year decomposition landfill process.