Life’s full of surprises, even messy ones.

Experience the unmatched power of Zorbent® products!

Designed with advanced absorbent technology, Zorbent® is the perfect solution for managing spills and liquid messes in any situation. Whether it’s pet accidents, kitchen mishaps, or unexpected leaks, Zorbent® quickly and effectively absorbs any liquid, leaving surfaces clean and dry. Our products are easy to use, eco-friendly, and incredibly efficient, making them a must-have for any household. With Zorbent®, you can effortlessly tackle even the toughest messes, leaving your home fresh and spotless. Make cleanup a breeze. Trust Zorbent® to transform your liquid-spill cleaning routine and provide the ultimate convenience and reliability.

Safe and Effective All-Purpose Absorbent

Safe and Effective All-Purpose Absorbent

All Natural: All natural formula encases liquid for safe disposal.

Ultra-Absorbent: 16X more absorbent than clay absorbents. Also found in EPA-directed testing to retain 99.8% of all volatile liquids tested.

Easier & Cleaner: Ultra lightweight, fast acting, dust-free technology leaves surfaces clean and dry with unparalleled absorption power.

Zorbent® can clean up any household liquid mess. Juice spills? No problem! Soap spills? No problem! Pet messes, BBQ sauce, oil in the garage? No problem! Absorb it all with Zorbent®! The all-natural, non-toxic Zorbent® encases liquid, completely absorbing it so it can’t get away, leaving your surfaces clean and dry!

You can even reuse Zorbent® over and over again until it’s fully saturated.

Try Zorbent® today!


1. Pour a thin layer of Zorbent® on and around the spill.

2. Sweep the Zorbent® with a broom or rake into the spill in a circular motion, until the liquid is completely absorbed!

3. Once clean, sweep up the saturated Zorbent® and dispose of safely.

Zorbent® is significantly lighter and absorbs up to 16X more than its alternatives.

FAST. EASY. REUSABLE. | Absorbs All Liquids | Significantly Reduces Odors | Leaves Surface Dry Without Residue

Zorbent® is the easiest way to clean up literally ANY liquid mess.